The art of creation

Our ability to create is discovered when we desire to break free from the patterns, beliefs and experiences which no longer serve our growth. All transformation begins with a thought and expands outward from there. The important thing is to focus on the end result you desire and immediately live it to the best of your ability. What you visualize will come about, though the ego may jump in and attempt to sabotage the process with stories that plant doubt about your worthiness, how long it’ll take or even if you’ll like the outcome of the journey. Trust your initial inspiration, passion and desire and remember that the gentle voice of love is found within the stillness of your being.

Inner resistance is often an indicator that something big is about to change. The patterns that have guided you for a lifetime have played an important role in your soul’s development and while they can become comfortable, expansion is our goal and new facets are discovered each time we stretch beyond the known into the realm of new experience.

Truly life-changing ideas are rarely heralded by a blaze of trumpets… sometimes they are found in a simple thought that pivots our direction. How you approach the present moment is the key – is it merely a means to an end, or are you celebrating your existence and the journey of your soul? Allow joy to lead you.

Today my intention is to take one more conscious step forward.

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