Love is an open way of relating to others and shows us a reflection of our ability to love ourselves. Many people get caught up in the initial rush of attraction, sexuality and expectations and find themselves limited by their own judgment about what love is. Love is a transformation, it allows us to grow and change and honor the path of another as they change as well. Celebrate the journey and be grateful for those who walk it with you – whether for a moment or for a lifetime – remembering that each of us acts as a mirror for one another.

Those who grace our lives with their presence reflect hidden aspects of ourselves and support us in becoming whole. This authentic love is based in freedom, not holding cherished outcomes or projecting fear-based need. Each level of awakening takes us closer to Oneness. Any moment, any interaction can be transformed into an act of love and compassion. Begin within, being kind and gentle to yourself and you will find that love becomes a sharing of your light without fear.

This is the right time to be who you are and share your gifts… there is no such thing as the wrong time. There is nothing special you need to do, just be your authentic and unique self. You have an opportunity to share your love, your joy and your laughter.

Today my intention is to celebrate the life, love and laughter of the Universe and allow it to flow through me.

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