Trusting the process of awakening

You are perfection in the present moment. Each step of your journey has brought you here, Now, and you are right where you need to be. In the process of awakening to your true Divine nature, there is always enough time. Do not allow the stories of the ego to plant seeds of doubt regarding past mistakes, should haves, or self recrimination. Even when you find yourself repeating patterns that do not appear to serve your growth, know that they do serve a purpose – sometimes we need to receive information in several different ways before it is accepted completely.

It’s important to learn how to tap into your own strength while learning to flow with what life offers. This flexibility becomes a powerful aspect of your spiritual awakening, creativity and passion. In this ever-evolving world, the mystery of the Infinite continues to unfold, and our role is to grow in wisdom and faith. The love of the Divine is greater than any challenge and you have the potential to be the miracle you seek.

Today my intention is to allow wisdom, love and joy to light my way. I trust the process of my awakening.

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