Freedom from limitation

Grace and freedom from limitation await you. This moment is the dawning of new understanding and while the idea of infinite possibility may be daunting in its scope, never doubt that adventures await your discovery. All perceived limitation is created by the stories of the mind. It’s natural to encounter trepidation when preparing to spread your wings and fly; however, don’t let it overshadow the opportunities to explore all the amazing things that life has to offer.

Old patterns and beliefs recur in our physical experience until we are ready to recognize and release them. Once this energy is cleared, it becomes possible to see multiple solutions which will allow you to break free of the barriers that once seemed so impenetrable. Bless the challenges that have acted as your teachers, for they have ushered in this era of transformation and empowerment.

Creativity wishes to express itself through you. It doesn’t matter what form this takes – writer, inspired cook, poet, planting a garden, rearranging a room or playing with a child – be open to the new energy which desires to flow into your experience. True creativity, in any form, comes from a unique and mystical union with the Divine and frees you from the mind. When we play in this field of energy, it creates joy both for yourself and for others. Whatever you choose to do, do it with love.

Today my intention is to use my Inner Wisdom to navigate the experiences of my life.

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