Seek love within

All life is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and beliefs. We project them outward and experience the dance of awakening with the amazing souls who grace our lives with their presence. As we drop the layers of energy that separate us from unconditional love, life begins to flow more smoothly and we witness the transformation of our inner journey in the world around us.

Clarity cuts through the illusion. We release the things which no longer serve our growth, break away from the self-made chains of limitation and enter the joy of stillness. Awakening is nothing more than entering a new dimension of your spiritual journey. Life is not about belief – it is about experiences that allow us to recognize our true infinite nature. This metamorphosis is your birthright.

Once you understand your Divine nature, there will be no more need to create conflict. The old triggers and prejudices, judgment and assumptions will fade away, having served their purpose on your path of transformation. With your wounds healed, you will allow yourself to receive the love and nourishment that is there waiting to flow into your experience. Begin by forgiving yourself for having been asleep… you’re worth it.

Today my intention is to choose harmony and loving communication wherever I am.


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