Acceptance versus suffering

When one becomes attached to the idea that something in life should be other than what it is, suffering arises. To truly heal, we must experience the discomfort that we hold in each cell of the body and learn from it. This process leads us to acceptance, and the resulting balance and peace that accompany the stillness within. The awakened spirit discovers how to suffer consciously. Each situation has something to teach and as we learn to recognize and process the messages we receive, we find it easier to step into the flow of life.

Likewise, love means allowing others to learn from their suffering rather than trying to take it away. Every soul’s purpose is to awaken and those we love must go through challenges which open the doors of perception, just the same as you have. This empathy allows us to release judgment when we interact with someone else in the midst of their distress. As we cultivate the art of detached compassion, we create a space in which a transformation can occur (rather than adding to the energetic charge of their struggle).

The mind lives in doubt, while the heart lives in trust. Trust the process of your awakening. Know that each step you take has purpose and meaning and that you bring something special to this physical experience because of your unique journey.

Today my intention is to go with the flow, to celebrate life and open my heart to receive all the joy the Universe has to offer.

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