The journey of Mastery

We have the opportunity to witness the love of the Divine within everything around us. It can be easy to get caught up in the world and miss the multitude of miracles that are unfolding in each moment. Take the time to truly experience life. Through a reverent connection, we approach All-That-Is with a sense of communion and grace, humility and gratitude. Nature has many secrets to share and reflects the ease of transformation.

Too many approach their spiritual journey with a sense of control thinking “If I meditate for x hours per day, visit the world’s sacred places and learn from the right teachers, I will be enlightened.” Everything you need to learn or know is already within you. Exploration and observation are amazing teachers and ultimately we have the opportunity to witness the Divine in this moment with whatever is in front of you. Seek the light in another and you will discover it within yourself.

Each of us walks the journey of Mastery. Ultimately, inner Mastery allows us to be comfortable in the stillness and silence of our being. We welcome others into our lives for the sole purpose of sharing and in the synergy that evolves, we support and celebrate the uniqueness of each person’s journey.

Today my intention is to flow easily with new experiences and new opportunities knowing that everything has a Divine purpose within my life.

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