Multiple levels of consciousness

Everyone processes information based upon their own unique vibration. Life provides the backdrop and the events, and each of us views it through the filter created by our level of consciousness and personal frequency. This is what allows each of us to have a unique experience within the realm of infinite possibility. Where one sees limitation and frustration, another discovers opportunity and breakthrough. Neither approach is right or wrong (though some are certainly more pleasurable from a physical standpoint than others…) and both provide the experience that each soul utilizes to reflect where they are on the Path of Transformation while providing the necessary lessons that will allow evolution to the next level.

When we honor another’s path, we are purposefully choosing to remember that each of us is engaged in a unique dance of awakening. Love allows us to see the value in every journey while maintaining our own level of consciousness. From time to time you may encounter others who demand that you change, that you agree with their perception or attempt to drain your energy through conflict. Based upon where someone is energetically, they simply don’t know any better. By demanding that they understand and accept us, we are not accepting them as they are. The more advanced soul always has the responsibility to act from the highest level of consciousness that they can and many times that is simply a willingness to accept what is and release the need to be “right”… own your own stuff and reject the rest.

Today my intention is to act with integrity, do my best and accept what is.

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