Listen to your higher guidance

Release your worries and allow the Universe to assist you on your journey. When you feel strongly that it’s time to focus and work hard on a particular project, do so. When you feel you need to step back, rest and rebalance, give yourself that opportunity as well. In this infinite playground of discovery, there is plenty of time to accomplish all that you desire without creating stress or havoc in your experience. Once you’ve set energy in motion with conscious thought and action, surrender the timing, the outcome and the “cursed hows” to the Divine.

Many find it difficult to hear and trust their our intuition. Pay attention to the moments when you find yourself offering loving advice to someone else. Often, your angels will send you one who will act as a sounding board for your inner wisdom – those brilliant messages are actually meant for you and it’s important to stop and listen to the guidance from your higher self.

Now is the time to integrate all the unique facets of your personality, skills and perception. This blend of energies creates a unified aspect of wholeness that is an integral part of your evolution and the journey of your awakening soul.

Today my intention is to remember that I can accomplish more than I ever thought possible. The Universe offers guidance and assistance in miraculous ways.

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