The power of intention

Intention is the seed that creates our future. Whatever seeds we plant have the potential to grow when we create the conditions that support them. An old Chinese Buddhist text states, “From intention springs the deed, from the deed springs the habits. From the habits grow the character, from character develops destiny.”

Habits can be freeing (such as developing the ability to meditate, pray, balance oneself, forgive, etc.) or a form of imprisonment (…but that’s how I’ve always done things!). Through mindfulness we can choose our intentions moment by moment and transform our lives. When you find yourself blocked, set an intention to  be fully present with kindness and simply be. Often, we create frustration by trying too hard. Should that happen, take a step back and move into acceptance. From there, anything is possible.

By aligning your dedication with your highest intention and reaffirming it anew each day, you can chart the course of an amazing life.

Today my intention is to act with integrity, do my best and accept what is.

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