Your unique potential

Many times the image that we have of ourselves comes not from our own direct experience but from the opinions and perceptions of others. The personality created by childhood programming or the limited worldview of cultural norms overshadows the individuality which would have blossomed naturally in an atmosphere of support and acceptance.

It’s time to recognize your unique strengths and embrace the facets of your authentic and unique nature. You can drop the beliefs and perceptions that you have inherited or accepted and awaken to your Divine potential.

Under the false personality of the ego lies a spirit completely dedicated to freedom – freedom of expression, expansion, transformation and infinite discovery.

Don’t look for outside verification of what is real, the answers are found within. When we focus on externals, we become mired in judgments that keep us trapped within the illusions of old habits and patterns.

It’s time to stop clinging to the past. Put down the burdens you carry with the understanding that it’s ok to outgrow beliefs and ideas which no longer serve your growth. By letting go, you will release any feelings of competition or comparison and simply enjoy being the beautiful person that you are.

Today my intention is to use my mind and thoughts to enhance my life.

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