Surround yourself with love

Choose to spend time with those who nurture your soul.

That’s Right! Loving people fill my life, and I find myself easily expressing love to others

Utilize the love and kindness that is around you. There are moments when it is wholly appropriate to limit the time you spend with toxic people who tend to drain your energy.

When feeling off-balance or in the midst of a struggle, remember that you have a group of 12 (love, knowledge, compassion, mentor, beauty, child, humor, anchor, discipline, healer, enlightenment and muse) who have agreed on a soul level to offer support throughout your journey.

The ego typically tells the story that you must be strong and do things on your own; however, one sign of a healthy and balanced soul is the ability to receive assistance when required. Allow those who love you to provide support.

When you have realigned your energy and created healing and balance in your experience, you’ll have more energy to bring to your interactions – more patience, love and compassion and a greater ability to easily manage any challenges that arise.

Today my intention is to attract people who are exciting, loving, caring, accepting, funny and generous into my life

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