Jaguar consciousness

When you need to walk through a dark night of the soul, face a life-shifting challenge or make a courageous stand, call upon Jaguar Consciousness.

That’s Right! All that I need is already within me

Jaguar energy helps us by opening the realm of perception. She allows us to explore new options while facing our deepest shadows with courage. This process permanently changes our perspective and brings us through the darkness with a new found inner strength.

You can dream a new world into being by ensuring that your thoughts, words and actions are aligned and operating from the highest level of consciousness that you can access. This means that you purposely drop the victim story, release anger, forgive and walk forward with the knowledge that you are learning exactly what you are meant to learn about your own strength and beauty.

See the challenges of your life as opportunities to awaken, to rise above. Your light will transform anything that it illuminates.

Today my intention is to bring a loving mindfulness to every situation.

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