Stillness allows us to receive the grace and wisdom of the Divine. It gives us the ability to recharge and bring the best version of ourselves to the present moment.

That’s Right! I take frequent pauses throughout the day to slow down and nurture myself

This moment is a gift, yet many people rush through it in order to get to some other moment or fill it with busyness, anxiety and tension. Love yourself enough to slow down. Bring your awareness into the Now (put down the phone, turn off the tv, stop talking) and listen. Observe. Be. Notice how the body responds. Typically, the heartbeat and breathing will slow as time itself seems to adjust to you.

These pauses replenish the soul. In the stillness you may come to realize that anything is possible, yet nothing is necessary. In this state of awareness you’ll notice that with each step, you are guided, supported and loved more than you can imagine.

Today my intention is to open to the miracles of life.

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