You have more power than you realize…

I handle all my experiences with wisdom,
love and ease.
~ Louise Hay~
In every moment you are creating the flow of your life. Your attention determines where your energy goes and consciously directing it into positive, proactive directions will draw miracles into your experience.

Focus upon the beauty that is around you. Remind yourself that it’s easy to be at peace, that love is a choice and you can be the change you wish to see in the world. Challenges provide us with the opportunity to see how much we have grown. If you have been striving to create more compassion or mindfulness in your experience, make a point to utilize them often in your daily interactions, remembering that life will always present you with whatever experience is needed for your soul’s growth.

You are being initiated into the mysteries of the Divine. There you will discover that everything can be transformed by your conscious choice to access your own inner wisdom. You can do more than rise above – you can thrive, expand and evolve in ways you may not have yet imagined.

Today my intention is to live beyond the limits of ego-mind. I choose to love freely and act with faith.
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