Something greater awaits

When we release things which no longer serve our growth and move into the vast experience of the unknown, it is a precious time in our development. This is the process of losing identification with an aspect of personality with which we have lived in recognition that something new is ready to emerge within our lives.

The ego often attaches to a particular role, home, car, job title, relationship or goal and uses it to define one’s perception of who they are; however, none of our earthly experiences or possessions comes remotely close to the infinite source of love which lives through each one of us.

If you are in the process of the transformation, allow the sadness, but don’t try to hold on. Something greater awaits and new dimensions are waiting to be discovered. Renounce struggle in your experience and be willing to merge with the vastness of infinity.

Utilizing your precious energy to hold only something which has outlived it’s usefulness is a drain – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Life flows more smoothly when we break out of old routines and remind ourselves that it is rarely as serious as our minds make it out to be.

Celebrate the joys of your existence, dance a little and allow the burdens of your heart to disappear as your new world unfolds. This attitude of innocence and freedom will open you to explore new possibilities with an open heart.

Today my intention is to celebrate the present moment. How much joy, love and affection am I willing to receive?

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