The space in between

It is said that all we need is already within us. We initally begin our quest for happiness by trying to do well – to fall in love, to earn a living, to have purpose in our lives. Eventually though, as each goal is attained (and sometimes lost again) the search draws inward and we begin to realize that authentic joy is something that cannot be measured by outward manifestation, but by the inner richness and maturity we develop as awakening souls.

The most glorious thing about that insight is the empowerment we discover… no longer do we give away our power to other people or outside situations. Instead, knowing that all physical forms are temporary, we find that we can choose joy now and expand it outward into every area of our lives.

Stay ever alert and present. Become the observer and learn how to rise above thought. We are sparks of the Divine experiencing itself through the witnessing of contrasts within human experience. There is dark and light and the space in between. When we step into that neutral space as the observer, we merge with the infinite energy of the Divine. This is why we learn to drop judgment. In judgement we are merging with one of the two polarities and it becomes difficult to step into that neutral space that awaits us.

Conscious awareness creates the space in which a transformation can occur. The transformation begins in your thoughts and responses to situations and because you bring a different energy to your experiences, everything must shift in response. That’s how powerful you are.

Take a moment to sit in silence. Notice your breath, the rhythms of your body and the flow of thought which arises. How hard or easy is it to draw into the neutral space of observation? It can take some practice to create that peaceful space within your mind, but there it waits – love in the space of stillness.

Today my intention is to align with the power of my conscious presence in the Now. All that I need is already here.

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