Sharing your gifts and energy

There are plenty of opportunities to share your unique gifts and energy. When you trust your instincts and allow your hearts knowledge to guide you, you’ll discover that you have all that you need and can give freely. Life will always offer situations that allow you to put new aspects of your knowledge and compassion to use and in the present moment, you have the ability to rise above the mechanisms of the ego and tap into the power of the Divine which flows through you. Trust yourself enough to take some risks or a joyful leap of faith.

Whether holding a hand out in friendship, standing together in the face of difficulty, or handling challenges with grace instead of fear, know that this deep and personal connection to the Divine flows through all that you choose to do. The light of love can grow strong when souls join together to weave a tapestry of empowerment and healing. You will find that which you seek.

Today my intention is to allow my heart to open fearlessly with faith, healthy boundaries, inspiration and freedom. Our love can light the world.

Posted in Wow Moment.