Sharing without expectation

Authentic communication helps us to be more open-minded, tolerant and compassionate. It’s important to share our wisdom and experience without expectation. Within the concept that all paths are sacred, we can turn to one another for new perceptions and seek to expand our own experience by discovering true Wholeness within the contrasts of our life journeys.

There is no need to defend your point of view when attacked. Defense is a product of the ego and directs all the energy within the conversation to a determination of right vs wrong rather than sharing. The “agree to disagree” approach still doesn’t quite reach the concept of knowing that all paths are sacred and everyone walks their own Path of Transformation in the process of their souls awakening, but it’s closer than demanding someone adopt our point of view.

Eventually, we discover that it doesn’t matter what road one chooses. The culmination of many lifetimes of experience will always end in enlightenment and we may be better served by honoring others as our teachers, instead of standing in judgment.

True compassion comes only through higher consciousness. Understanding and love transcend all levels of existence, and that is the greatest gift that you can offer those who grace your life with their presence.

Today my intention is to remember to create a space in which transformation can occur – both in myself and others.

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