Honor the journey as sacred

The journey is a sacred place and by honoring the present moment,we consciously move through the beautiful landscape of our souls awakening. Whenever you enter periods of movement and change, allow yourself to feel a sense of adventure and growth. This is your pilgrimage.

Be willing to accept and embrace the new. This attitude of openness and acceptance invites new opportunities, friends and experiences into our lives.

Let yourself be more receptive now for joy is waiting to be experienced. There is no way to force meditation or healing of the heart chakra – it is the natural flow of your energy as you mature and learn to rest in your inner silence.

It has been said that one must lose all to learn how to be simple. We choose to fill our lives with people, stuff, ambitions and desires in order to stay busy and distracted. The Universe will often create a space for us to discover the joys of simplicity; however, one doesn’t have to wait for all to be lost – we can simply lose our attachment.

There is guidance available for you when you choose to listen to the whispers of your heart. The more you move into love and balance, the more receptive you’ll be… and your life will become radiant with blessings. This is your birthright, a gift that has awaited you since the moment you first set foot on this planet. Will you choose to embrace the journey?

Today my intention is to honor the journey as sacred. There are always new levels and experiences to discover.

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