How we weave the future golden

The Divine wishes to support you in living your heart’s truth. Unseen angels, spirit guides, healing masters and helpers celebrate your awakening and conspire to bring you everything that you need in order to live a life of joy.

Worthiness, or the lack of it, determines whether or not we will accept these gifts or even recognize them when they come our way. No matter what the situation, you can choose to create peace within your experience. If you find that you are immersed in pain, observe the energy you are weaving with your thoughts and actions and do your best to consciously shift yourself into a space of acceptance.

In each moment we are weaving the tapestry of tomorrow. Can you picture a life filled with a constant flow of joyous celebration? When we practice gratitude, we develop the ability to seek beauty within all things. This perception and loving energy then becomes the foundation for all our subsequent experiences.

Your joy acts like a magnet, dear one, drawing in the circumstances, knowledge, opportunities and people who increase your store of happiness. Too many forget that we create our perception of reality and therefore, have the ability to change it when necessary. Be joyous first – don’t wait for the circumstances of a particular situation to fall into place before you can feel peaceful. This is the moment hat you can reclaim your power… the power of mastering oneself in the Now.

Today my intention is to remember that life unfolds in the most surprising and beautiful ways. I am willing to accept a miracle.

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