Seeking Outside Validation

It’s time for you to recognize your own magnificence.

“Seeking the favor of others isn’t the way of the Tao. Pursuing status stops the natural flow of Divine energy to your independent mind. You have a basic nature that is uniquely yours – learn to trust that Tao nature and be free of other people’s opinions.”    
~Wayne Dyer~ 

Peacefulness comes from living in alignment with your true nature, honoring your strengths and insights, learning from your challenges and knowing that your path is sacred and unique.

Many people defer to their inner critic, typically seeking to please others based upon childhood imprinting, parental or societal expectations. The tendency is to put aside their own joy and they walk through life striving to attain outside validation.

As we awaken, we come to understand that life is about being an authentic and conscious expression of the Divine. The illusions which surround us become less important as we discover the value of experiencing happiness and fulfillment in the present moment.

Respect your vision and trust that your inner guidance will lead you to see yourself clearly. When you live in harmony with your true nature, your life will become your message and you’ll make a difference in the world.

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