Now is Evolving

The dance of awakening expands with every step you take.

“To clarify ‘eternal’ just a smidge…
Once the river of time has rounded her final bend,
and the last star in the sky has brightened its last night,
and every child who may ever be conceived
has been given ten thousand names…
we will have just begun.”    
~The Universe~ 

In every moment we encounter limitless possibilities. The tendency of the mind is to to stay locked into the known; however, there’s nothing to be gained by playing it safe or repeating old patterns. Our purpose is to awaken, expand our perceptions and discover new facets of being.

Even when interacting with familiar people and circumstances, we can bring in new energy and vitality by making conscious choices. Expect the very best with the knowledge that those who grace your life are also in the process of expansion and renewal.

When we seek only to learn from and love one another, something miraculous occurs… there is a blending of energies that creates something entirely different. And from this new place of compassion, insight and experience a world of infinite potential opens and we can step through the doorway with an open heart.


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