The Journey is Sacred

All those who grace your life play a role in facilitating the lessons you wished to learn in this incarnation.

“[Relationships] provide you with the best opportunity to experience karma and then to resolve it. That is their sole purpose, to assist you in your journey back to the Tao by helping you to become unconditionally accepting of yourself and others.”    
~Jose Stevens~ 

Karmic relationships provide an opportunity to experience and examine both sides of a situation and learn compassion for the other in the process. We tend to get the most growth by interacting with those who are our opposites. The flow between the two opposing polarities ultimately becomes neutral when the karma is complete.

Some relationships are simply loving and supportive. Rather than accelerating growth, they offer a foundational, consistent experience that allows us to feel safe while processing through other, more challenging interactions.

Other encounters may be brief but life-changing. Someone comes in like a whirlwind, inspires you or pivots your course in some way and then exits once their karmic role is complete.

All of these interactions weave together for your benefit. As your consciousness expands, you’ll play a more active role in recognizing soul connections when they appear, understand the lesson more quickly and move through the process by utilizing the tools you have cultivated along the way.

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