Seeing beyond fear

When we operate from the vibration of fear, it clouds our judgment, blocks healthy movement and transforms the world into a scary place.

That’s right! I have the ability to handle whatever the present moment has to offer 

When mind made fear arises, take a moment to recognize the voice of the ego and realize that you are temporarily utilizing all of your energy to combat a future-based thought. Each time our attention is pulled from the present moment, things appear unmanageable and confusion arises.

If you can consciously choose to move toward the fear rather than pulling away into safety, you are consciously utilizing fear as a teacher and moving toward freedom. Rather than saying, “I am afraid” (thus reinforcing the original thought), say “Fear is present” or “My ego is going into fear mode”. This allows the space to see through the limiting thoughts and access your own healing potential.

Fear is a mindset. Once you consciously choose to experience it in the present moment and strip away all self judgments, opinions and reactive thinking, it becomes a powerful tool of awaking.

Today, my intention is to recognize the need for security when it arises and purposely choose to identify with the unbounded awareness of my own limitless potential.

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