Enlightenment is shining the light of consciousness on the truth while dropping anything that blocks our ability to see clearly.

That’s right! The more I release, the clearer I become 

You are a master in the process of awakening. For many lifetimes you have played in the world of form, adding layer upon layer of experience and belief to your sense of self… until the moment you discover the desire to expand beyond perceived limitation into limitless possibility.

This expansion process is one of remembering who you truly are. As we become more conscious, we learn to see through the eyes of compassion while dropping all judgment and simply experience the beauty that the present moment has to offer.

This dance of awakening is uniquely yours. Whatever you require will be drawn to you. Relationships will conspire to help free yourself from limiting patterns and, in turn, your journey will inspire those with whom you interact.

Everything unfolds perfectly in the way that is most appropriate for your growth. Never fall prey to the thought that you should be further along or ‘more evolved by now’ – there is no time limit. This journey is meant to be an exploration of all the nuances of the Infinite…

Today, my intention is to take one conscious step forward in the direction of my dreams

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