Personal responsibility

Blame gives away your power.

That’s right! I am willing to be responsible for my own joy.

The enlightened spirit brings inner awareness and mindfulness to all situations. When you are willing to take full responsibility for your life, it allows you to see more clearly.

Personal responsibility operates through several different levels of experience. It brings mindfulness to the way you choose to respond to the present moment and a heightened awareness to your inner self talk. It allows you to walk through life with the understanding that every situation and person has something to teach – and because you operate from that mindset, you accelerate your own awakening.

When you choose to seek the gift which resides within each and every challenge, judgement dissipates and compassion becomes your natural state of being.

Should you ever find yourself going into blame mode, simply notice, quiet the mind and examine what you are projecting outward. All blame is a reflection of how we see ourselves. This insight can be one of the most powerful aspects of your spiritual awakening.

Today, my intention is to consciously bring a sense of mastery and balance to my experience.

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