Practice the presence of peace

Learn to experience life in a new way.

That’s Right!  Peace begins with me. When I create harmony in my mind, I see it reflected in my life

You have an opportunity to bring a powerful sense of peace and well-being to this moment. Your thoughts create your reality – what are you choosing to create right now? Life presents opportunities to respond to darkness with light, to show kindness to those who seem to reject it the most and to experience the infinite Presence of the Now.

No matter how you choose to connect to the Divine, do it consistently. Let your life be a walking meditation knowing that awareness is your true nature. As you drop old patterns and limiting beliefs, you are left only with the infinite mystery of your being.

Everything and everyone is your teacher. Ultimately, you create your own experiences, have your own insights and live a unique journey. From this space of connectedness, simply choose to live more openly from the heart.

Today my intention is to remember that every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am.

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