The momentum of change

“It’s good to leave each day behind,
like flowing water, free of sadness.
Yesterday is gone and its tale told.
Today new seeds are growing.”
~ Rumi

That’s Right!  Shining the light of awareness transforms that which is observed

This moment contains the seeds of infinite possibility. Don’t limit it with yesterday’s beliefs, patterns or goals, for you are ever-expanding, evolving and opening to new aspects of yourself. Leave the limits of the past behind.

Residing fully in the present moment allows the unconditioned energy of life to flow through our experiences. The willingness to fully explore the Now is the key to transformation.

When conscious action sets energy in motion, things begin to open. New people, places, experiences and opportunities present themselves and it’s important to remember that they would not have arrived if you are not yet ready to receive. Have faith in your own abilities. Take a risk. Be willing to open to life.

Today my intention is to slow down and pay attention. Miracles are all around me.

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