The ego seeks recognition and adulation. The heart seeks only to give love.

That’s Right!  I am a lifetime student of love

The need to name drop or receive accolades is a sign that one is seeking outside recognition. Listen for those who attempt to associate themselves with others in order to create validity in their own experience. As one grows in consciousness, the ego still does this; however, it becomes more subtle. The spiritual student is not defined by what workshops they have attended, who they have met, with whom they study or by quoting the spiritual masters but by how quietly and consistently they live their truth.

Those who are truly aligned with the Divine have no need to stand out. They have learned the value of living gently within the present moment while allowing the truth to make itself known. They flow like water, moving to what the Tao calls “the low places” honoring all life as sacred and being at ease within the Now.

Let your dance be one of gentleness. Listen without preparing a response. Be fully present and seek nothing more than a living, vibrant connection with kindness. All that you need is already within you.

Today my intention is to live with an open heart.

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