Power verses Force

The higher your frequency, the more power you have. There will always be moments when we find ourselves immersed within frustrating situations, triggered by family members or feeling unfulfilled in a career. The moment you recognize the imbalance, pause and go within. Consider the energy that you are bringing to the situation and whether or not you feel heard.

Whenever someone is vibrating under the level of Awakening, they begin to drain those around them and convince themselves that force is required in order to make a difference. The spiritual seeker understands that the higher they can get their vibrational frequency, the more power they have and the easier things become.

For this reason, you will feel more empowered each time you pause, breathe and see how centered you can get yourself prior to taking action. The higher vibrations come from the upper chakra centers (notice that the green of the heart chakra is activated at the level of Courage). All relationships benefit greatly when we utilize the high frequency of the Celtic Vows of Friendship:

  • I honor your path
  • I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place
  • I drink from your well
  • I hold no cherished outcome
  • I will not negotiate by withholding
  • I am not subject to disappointment

Remember, nothing is more important than your state of consciousness. If you cannot function in the present moment from a space of joy, enthusiasm or at the very least, acceptance, stop and consider that you may be missing a lesson. It’s important that we utilize each moment and get the most out of our time here.

You have much to offer and you make an incredible difference in the lives of those around you when you choose to step out of the drama and into a space of true empowerment.

Today my intention is to be conscious of the energy I bring to each moment. Everyone and everything is my teacher.

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