Life is our reflection

In any given moment you can ask yourself, “How can I bring love to this situation?” This constant flow of conscious response allow you to realize how much you contribute to the way your life unfold.

When things are going well, your choice to demonstrate love will likely take the situation to the next level of consciousness. During a challenge, love may prompt you to be more altruistic, patient, compassionate, take action, wait, listen, accept, rejoice, pray, hug, support, reach out, let go or remind yourself that you are loved.

Love has nothing to do with desire or neediness, only giving. It is a powerful flow of energy that attaches to nothing but resides openly within the present moment. It does not fluctuate based upon events because it isn’t dependent upon external factors. It has the capacity to create dramatic change due to the purity of the energy.

When we rise above the limiting perceptions of the personality and seek wholeness from a global perspective, barriers dissolve. We consistently find ways to support and reframe events in order to bring our perception to the highest level possible.

Ways to facilitate the lessons of unconditional love and acceptance:

  • Trust in your own journey and insights
  • Be ruthlessly honest with yourself
  • Realize that everyone is right where they need to be and accept and honor their path
  • Be responsible for your own joy
  • Realize how powerful you are and choose your thoughts and actions accordingly
  • Rise above fear
  • Truly experience surrender in order to discover its power and control within any given situation
  • Humility

Love isn’t fully possible until you love and accept yourself. Otherwise, we are simply projecting our dysfunction only whomever and whatever is available. Each moment provides an opportunity to seek and strengthen your ability to refine this empowering attribute within your experience.

Today my intention is to remember that the only thing I control is my response to life. I choose to live in the vibration of love.

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