Imbalance and healing

All states of imbalance are chosen for their properties of healing and growth, and ultimately all healing comes from within. Some states of imbalance are chosen specifically for their experience or to complete a karma and are not healable until the appropriate time. Others are healable the moment you grasp the lesson and gone in the twinkling of an eye.

imbalances can be experienced emotionally, intellectually, energetically or physically and are deeply influenced by your thoughts and expectations. Healing is something that will elude you until  you consciously choose to accept it.

Everything on the planet has healing value and it’s important to explore how your energy will respond to your eating habits, various plants, minerals, wind, water, earth, flowers, scents, vortexes or power sports, colors or vibration. The powers of the planet are increased when we add our energy and intention to them.

As we move to heal old wounds, release outmoded patterns and step into the most vibrant and positive aspects of our soul’s expression, we create a space in which healing can occur. When you heal your unique self karma (the repeating pattern you’ve chosen as a primary challenge in this life), you stop creating the imbalance associated with that lesson. Then you experience life differently and find ways to create balance that are more joyful and relaxing because they are approached in a conscious manner.

Today my intention is to allow life to flow to me with ease and grace.

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