Discovering Oneness in a world of difference

To truly awaken is to recognize Oneness within a world of difference. The paradox of higher consciousness allows us to see both aspects of our experience – your unique expression of the Divine and the commonality of the human journey of awakening.

The gifts we discover through cultivating the art of compassion benefit all life. We begin to choose differently, we honor one another’s path, we learn to rise above the limitation of fear and most importantly, we strive for wholeness. This is the moment of transformation. Anytime the mechanisms of the mind seem to take over, seek joy within the present moment. Even the act of consciously sipping water can bring you back to center.

Your energy can nourish and support the energy of others when you hold the high vibration of love in your heart. We call this “holding space” and, when done consciously in any given situation, creates the space in which a transformation can occur.

When old patterns are finally released it can be quite a challenge for the spiritual seeker. The energetic shift sends ripples throughout all levels to the core of being as one goes through the process of releasing the struggle and continuing onward on the Path of Transformation. It is in those moments that others need the loving balance and higher perspective that you have to offer. Never doubt the impact you make in the lives of others.

Today my intention is to reside in the vibration of Love or above…

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