Postponing joy

Many people, caught in the grip of ego, think they can’t be happy until they’ve reached a particular goal, found the “right” person or have a peaceful life. This postponement of joy is a never-ending mechanism of the mind, for once the goal is reached, the next one presents itself and the quest for happiness begins again.

There is nothing positive to be gained by waiting for the future to unfold before you choose to be fulfilled, grateful and happy. It’s often said that the journey is more important than the destination – and this idea is such a beautiful truth. The joy is in the discovery, mastering the challenges, meeting new people, cultivating new skills, etc. In fact, the end result is nothing more than the idea that gets us moving – once that has been accomplished, it’s role is complete.

Start being blissful Now. If this moment were your last, would you want to finish this life feeling frustrated or incomplete? Don’t persist in your misery, let the small things go and realize that nothing is more important than your joy.

Today my intention is to joyfully do one thing at a time.

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