Let love lift you higher

Each day presents an opportunity for you to create whatever you wish. Every thought, word, belief, desire or action sends waves of energy out into the Universe, and whatever we send out returns to us… often in unexpected ways. Life provides a blank canvas filled with possibility and no matter what you may have created or experienced in the past, this moment of unlimited possibility is here now.

Allow love to lift you higher bringing compassion and clarity to situations both old and new. The high vibrational frequency of limitless love can change things that once were stagnant. It can bring empowerment and freedom to your experience and create a new foundation from which you can move forward in the days to come.

In the stillness of infinite possibility, we discover that all things are possible, yet none are necessary. The unknown contains every conceivable (and inconceivable) possibility, and our job is to release limitation wherever it is found. The only thing that remains is love.

Today my intention is to remember that this moment provides the perfect opportunity for me to experience life with compassion, empathy, love and infinite possibility.

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