Being authentic

No matter what you choose to do, give it 100% of your energy and attention. Be totally present and aware of the choices you make without any self judgement or doubt. If it is in your highest good to proceed, you will feel comfortable and complete. If an action is out of alignment with your authentic true nature, it will drop out of your experience of its own accord.

This is how we learn. Sometimes you have to be who you aren’t in order to discover who you are. There is no need to subject yourself to recrimination – the should’s or shouldn’t have’s – doubt is an energy that fractures the wholeness of your experience. 100% means that when you’re involved with an action, you are completely immersed, and when it is complete, you leave it behind as you move forward.

Everyone does the best that they can in any given moment based upon their soul age, awareness, imprinting and life path. This is important to understand – it allows us to drop the judgment of “they should know better” when contemplating life events. Acceptance is how we stay present and ensure that we don’t carry the past along with us.

Today my intention is to release the need to blame anyone ( including myself) and accept people just as they are.

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