Abundance is a state of mind, a state of gratitude and it is the source of all creation. There is more than enough energy in our infinite universe to fulfill every being on this planet; however, poverty and lack are inventions of the mind. If one carries the perception of not having enough, he or she will be unable to see the potential of anything that is presented to them.

Most people misunderstand the purpose of life. They strive and suffer and often die never having lived at all. Miracles are happening all around us – in every moment – and the universe is consistently expanding, evolving, transforming and flowering with incredible speed. The purpose of life is to love, enjoy, share and learn and abundance is simply creating a life that is filled with purpose.

Live multi-dimensionally. Appreciate art, nature, one another, yourself and all that has yet to be experienced knowing that abundance is a state of being.

Today my intention is to be grateful.

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