If you spot it, you got it!

All life is a mirror. We created this world to provide information through reflection, and an important aspect of navigating through it is the understanding of projection. It can be challenging to recognize our own imbalances and wounds; however, noticing them in other people is much easier. Have you ever noticed someone complaining about others’ behaviors and thought to yourself that they do the exact same thing in their own lives?

When something triggers us, the degree of emotional response is an indicator that there is something within us to be healed. Pay attention. Observe your anger or frustration and immediately own whatever it is. When you have healed that which is ready to be healed, one of two things will happen – either you will quit drawing that particular behavior into your life or you will notice that it no longer bothers you at all.

Projection works in wonderful ways as well. All too often we don’t give ourselves credit for the beautiful aspects of our personality. When you notice that someone is compassionate, generous, faithful, intelligent or a wonderful friend, know that they are merely a reflection of you. Own every aspect of yourself – both the dark and the light – and know that they come together in a blend of perfection and radiance.

Today my intention is to use my mind and my thoughts to enhance my life.

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