All of existence longs for completion. We desire balance in our experience and are always seeking ways to fulfill that desire. Once something has been completed, we release it. The energy neutralizes and a sense of lightness occurs. Anything that is imbalanced is carried until it too has been brought to completion.

In this eternal playground, there is no need to hurry. Sometimes we will carry energies for lifetimes waiting for the perfect opportunity to balance and discard them. Whatever you choose to do, be completely present with it – this is the easiest way to bring things to completion. Honor the present moment as sacred, pay attention, enjoy it, feel it and experience authentic completion. This sense of contentment is ultimately what the soul desires.

If the present moment brings a moment of anger, be fully present with that as well. Suffering has no value unless it is conscious suffering which brings wisdom and insight if done with awareness. Express whatever needs to be expressed and then silence will return – the energy will come to completion and it will not be carried forward into your experience.

Today my intention is to live in limitless love, light and joy.

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