Going with the flow

Trust allows you to flow with what is without fighting or fear. The point of power always resides in the present moment and surrender is the source of that power. The Tao Te Ching often compares higher consciousness with water – flowing to the low places with ease, moving around obstacles, or having the ability to transform things as immovable as stone with a consistent flow. We too can elicit such change. The slow flow of grace moves mountains and we emerge not only transformed, but leaving things subtly altered in our wake.

This is what is called the divine feminine energy – quietly powerful, transformative and understanding the power that resides in the art of going with the flow. The next time you face an obstacle, remember this! You can create change – lasting change – by tapping into the Now with ease and grace. Cease fighting. Nothing is stagnant and you can be the bringer of transformation.

Today my intention is to love what is.

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