Pivotal Facilitator karma

Every once in a while we meet someone who pivots our life into a new direction. Typically these types of karmas – referred to as Pivotal Facilitator karmic monad agreements – are very intense and create great upheaval within our experience. This can come in many forms such as a lover, teacher, inspirational writings, words from a stranger or an extreme challenge.

When we get stuck within a particular routine or energetic patterns, our higher self will draw in the Pivotal Facilitator. The resulting passion turns everything upside down and decisions are made which propel you into new areas of growth. Initially, the emotional intensity is so great that we don’t even realize this is happening… and then the dust settles and we find ourselves transformed.

In my experience, this has helped me to wake up from abusive or limiting situations and refocus on my spiritual path. While the roller coaster ride of change is often laden with unusual twists and turns, I find myself grateful from the karmic contract that played such an important part in my souls development.

Look back over your life. Think of those who may have played this role for you and send them a prayer of thanks. If your life is currently one of great drama and upheaval, you may be in the midst of this type of karmic contract. The way to creat peace is to ensure that you are fulfilling your life’s purpose and listening to the messages from your higher self. Allow yourself to pivot into a new direction or experience and become aware of any limiting habits or beliefs that are ready to be discarded. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to grateful for all the teachers of my life and those who have assisted me on my journey of awakening.

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