Each of us is responsible for our own joy

Memories, by their very nature, are nebulous things. The only aspect that crystallizes in the mind is our perception and interpretation of events, and that has a lot to do with our current level of awakening and awareness. As we expand into the infinite energy of the Divine, we begin to see more clearly and often that changes everything.

This is even more true when thinking of past lives, karma and the ties that bind us to one another. You will be presented with pieces of a puzzle that eventually coalesce into a picture – one that brings more clarity to your journey and provides the insight necessary to navigate through the Now as best you can.

It’s important not to get lost in the past of this lifetime or others. Our only responsibility is to awaken and while the knowledge we’ve gleaned over many incarnations plays a part, nothing is more important than the joy that is available for you in the present moment.

Likewise, worrying about the future is like boxing with shadows. The energy it takes to fight a fear drains you of your precious life force and robs you of the ability to enjoy the journey of awakening. You can plan, make contingencies and carry the knowledge of the past to se you through; however, the focus should be primarily on your state of consciousness. Your joy is your own responsibility.

To be responsible is to respond appropriately to the events of your life. You can choose to surrender or persevere – either is fine as long as the decision is made from a place of love or joy, rather than fear or victimization. Simply put, responsibility means walking your talk and speaking your truth with complete integrity Now. The only thing over which you have complete control is your state of consciousness… are you choosing joy?

Today my intention is to be fully present. No matter what has unfolded in my life, I know that I have always done the best I could with what I have… and with each new experience I discover more about myself.

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