Guardians of Being

The animals that grace our lives are referred to as Guardians of Being and they play a specific role in our spiritual development. They keep us on track, remind us to be joyful and constantly teach how to be present.

Animals have a reincarnational series of seven lifetimes and will remember their prior incarnations, thus demonstrating similar fears or preferences he or she has developed along the way. It is not unusual for an animal with whom you’ve had a special bond to show up again and again to assist you on your spiritual journey.

True happiness is found in the smallest things and our furry friends can remind us to be alert and fully present in order to notice them… squirrel! I often watch my dogs respond to things that I cannot hear. Their ears perk up, heads tilt and then they’re off to investigate (usually quite exuberant in their display of joy).

Take some time today to listen and observe. Open yourself to the energy which is beyond the sound and you’ll discover the sacredness in which all things manifest. See the beauty, the transition, the stillness or the lesson which is being presented.

Animals have no sense of ego. There’s no comparison to other animals, worries about whether their fur makes them look fat or resentment about the past. Rather, they are simply engaged in whatever the present moment offers.

The human condition is to get lost within the labyrinth of thought, worry and anxiety. Allow your animals to show you out of the prison of the mind and don’t forget to thank them for being wonderful travel partners on the Path of Transformation.

Today my intention is to celebrate life by being completely present.

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