The spirit of adventure

It doesn’t matter what perceived mistakes, blockages or limitation have blocked you from realizing your dreams. The action that you take today will create a flow of energy based upon your intention. “What if’s…?” may have held you back in the past; however, the relief and momentum generated from taking just one conscious step will make you wonder why you waited so long.

When we see beyond the fear generated by the ego, we begin to rise above our limiting thoughts. They may still remain but will lose their hold upon you. In the stillness of a quieted mind, you may find yourself grateful, joyful and ready to receive… the blockages of the past transformed into teachers that point you the way home.

Limitation is an illusion. When one finds the courage to step into his or her power, those around them become inspired. We teach others by living our truth to the best of our ability. It’s natural to feel a little shaky when spreading your wings to fly but this is an opportunity to experience the freedom that exploration has to offer.

Today my intention is to be willing to take a risk, step outside of my comfort zone and honor the path of awakening with full, conscious participation in the present moment.

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