The voice of the heart

       We are so accustomed to searching outside of ourselves for answers that it can sometimes be difficult to trust our inner guidance. The voice of the heart speaks in whispers while leading us ever onward on the journey of the soul. As you develop a deeper trust in yourself, you’ll find greater wholeness and balance in your daily walk.

       Consciousness is the light which transforms the darkness in order to help us see more clearly. Never underestimate the beauty and majesty of your awakening. Whether you shine like a beacon in the night or the gentle flame of a flickering candle, the light of the Divine shines through you.

       Many people hide their vulnerability and pain under the armor of anger. Resentment and frustration build within them ready to explode at the slightest provocation. When others lash out in anger, choose to see past the ego-driven behavior to the soul which is engaged in the same journey of awakening.

       Forgiveness must begin within. Knowing how quickly the light of consciousness can change everything, we have daily opportunities to teach by example. One moment it’s there – all the baggage, hatred, struggle and despair – and the next, discarded.

       The source of all life resides within you. This vast amount of energy is available to access when beginning a new project, seeking inspiration and movement forward, or contemplating the healing triggered by interpersonal relationships. You are asked to rise above the stories of the mind and become aware of your infinite nature. You have the ability to transform the energy of the past into light, love and compassion.

          Today my intention is to awaken my true potential.

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