Opportunities to awaken

As we awaken, we learn to see beyond “good” and “bad”.

“Spiritual practice includes learning how to open-heartedly receive the shocks of life – the things you don’t like, the people who criticize you, the job that goes wrong, the partner that leaves, the health that fails you – whatever shakes you up.”  ~Ezra Bayda~

As we awaken, the mechanisms of the ego become more subtle by design. One that is most encountered is an inner dialog that says you shouldn’t be facing these challenges because you’re evolved, that you should know better, or perhaps you’re not applying your tools in the right way.

Challenges show us where we are stuck or provide a space to put new ideas into practice. That’s it. There is no commentary from the universe about how we’re getting it wrong or should be doing better. See everything in your experience as an opportunity to awaken or to teach by example.

The twists and turns we experience are part of life. The awakening soul does not seek to avoid problems, but may no longer see them as such. Instead, the foundation of peace and compassion provides stability through the upheaval, and the enlightened soul walks forward, untroubled.

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