Transforming pain into personal growth

Our struggles transform us.

“When life presents difficulties we can crumble or we can learn. Aspiring to be free tips the scale toward learning.”  ~Ezra Bayda~

Our natural inclination is to avoid pain. Eventually that creates a core belief that we should never need to experience pain. When we resist it (out of the belief that it shouldn’t be happening) or make it an enemy, we strengthen it’s hold over our us and suffering begins.

Pain is part of the human experience. Whether we experience it through the loss of a loved one, death, illness, taxes, aging or dropping  a brick on ones foot, it simply is. It does not come because we are flawed. It just is. However, pain does not need to become a constant form of suffering in our experience. When discomfort arises don’t resist it. Instead, see it as a teacher and know that it will push you into new areas of growth.

This fundamental shift in awareness changes how we respond to pain. Instead of “Why me?” we begin to ask, “What am I trying to learn through this experience?” One thought creates a prison. The other is a doorway to enlightenment.

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