How to release internal distress

Challenging situations are rarely as bad as our thoughts make them out to be.

“Whenever you’re stuck in distress, penetrate your confusion with this question: What is my most believed thought right now?”  ~Ezra Bayda~

When we operate from the premise that all things work toward our highest good, we come to discover that inconsolable sadness or frustration is a waste of energy. The mind creates stories which seem to enslave us, and though it takes conscious effort, shifting your thoughts will always shift your perception, and thus, your experience.

The ego loves to feel special. But this life experience is not meant to be one of sadness, frustration or loss; rather, you are meant to break free from self-imposed prisons and find your joy. Eckhart Tolle teaches that in every situation we have three choices: change it, leave it or accept it – all else is madness.

Seek to cultivate a greater awareness of your own strength and abilities. Empowerment calls upon us to take personal responsibility for our state of consciousness today. That’s it. Live today fully present, enthusiastic, optimistic and with compassion for your self and others. Everything else will fall into place as it should

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