Nonmanifestation of anger day

Anger is nothing more than the ego’s desire to be right.
I am patient, tolerant and diplomatic.
~Louise Hay~
Anger destroys our joy in the present moment. Whether it is slight irritation when things don’t go as expected, seething at the injustices you read about or watch on tv, resentment and non-forgiveness to those who have harmed you or the righteous anger of judgment, you have made a choice to give away your power.

Acceptance does not mean that we don’t take action in situations that require action. Rather, it is the awakened persons decision to operate from a higher level of consciousness; thereby, utilizing energy in it’s most potent form – love.

When you feel yourself becoming triggered by a person or event, the negative energy can seem to arise from the depths and overwhelm the situation. To cultivate the ability to recognize and shift before problems are created, utilize the exercise Ezra Bayda calls “Nonmanifestation of Anger.”

Once a week, devote the entire day to this practice. From the moment you awaken until you fall asleep, make a conscious effort not to express negative emotions, externally or internally. It’s wonderful to discover that anger is almost always optional. When you notice your thoughts shifting into a story of anger, become aware. Observe the ego. You always have a choice and habitual reactions and behaviors can be changed.

The five steps of transforming anger:
Recognize it – notice the story
Reframe it – see it as an opportunity to evolve
Clarify – notice where you attached to an end result
Bring awareness to the physical experience of anger
Let it be – have compassion for the struggles we all share

Commit to living as a vibrant expression of life itself.

Today my intention is to be aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most.
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